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Creating a Safe and Inclusive Digital World Together.

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Welcome to Stone's Digital Citizens Lesotho (SDCL), your go-to resource for all things digital citizenship! We are dedicated to empowering individuals to navigate the online world with responsibility, respect, and digital literacy.

In today's interconnected world, it's more important than ever to understand the impact of our actions in the digital realm. Our mission is to equip individuals of all ages, especially youth with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to become responsible and engaged digital citizens.

At Stone's Digital Citizens Lesotho , we believe that digital citizenship encompasses a wide range of topics and areas.

We are committed to providing up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information to support you in your journey towards becoming a responsible and informed digital citizen. Join us in creating a safer and more inclusive digital world for all.

Start exploring our website today and embark on your digital citizenship journey with Stone's Digital Citizens Lesotho (SDCL)!

About Us

Our team of experts, educators, and advocates work tirelessly to provide comprehensive resources, educational materials, and interactive programs that empower individuals to become responsible digital citizens. We believe that digital citizenship is not just about using technology, but also about understanding the impact of our actions and choices online.

Key elements of our approach include:

  1. Education and Awareness
  2. Community Building
  3. Advocacy and Policy
  4. Training and Workshops
  5. Research and Innovation

Join us on this journey as we work together to shape a responsible, inclusive, and empowered digital society. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities, both online and offline.

Thank you for visiting our About Us page, and we look forward to embarking on this digital citizenship journey with you!

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Our Team

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Angela Linda

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Mankaba Matela

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Support our mission to educate and empower youth through digital literacy and citizenship education. Your donation, big or small, fuels our initiatives for a better digital future.



SDCL promotes digital citizenship and literacy in Lesotho, bridging the digital divide. Our programs educate on responsible online behavior, privacy, security, and ethical technology use.

Digital Citizenship Workshops: Raising awareness through workshops for schools, universities, and community organizations. Topics include cyberbullying, online harassment, privacy, and security.

Cyberbullying and Online Harassment Prevention: We provide support and resources to individuals who are experiencing cyberbullying or online harassment.

Digital Literacy Training: Empowering individuals with comprehensive programs to enhance digital skills, access information, and leverage technology for personal and professional growth.

Our Work

At SDCL, we recognize the importance of partnerships and collaborations in promoting good digital citizenship in Lesotho. We work with a range of organizations, including schools, universities, community organizations, and government agencies, to achieve our goals.

Some of the esteemed local organizations we have collaborated with are:

  • NomaPads Foundation: Collaborating with the Noma Pads Foundation has allowed us to address the intersection between digital citizenship and menstrual health education.

  • Healthy Minds Advocacy: Our partnership with Healthy Minds Advocacy focuses on promoting positive mental health in the digital realm.

If you are interested in partnering with us to promote good digital citizenship in Lesotho, please reach out to us. Together, we can create a safer, more inclusive digital space for all individuals and communities.

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Our Sustainability Development Goals

SDCL embraces the SDGs: No Poverty, Good Health, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Economic Growth, Innovation, Infrastructure, Reduced Inequality, Sustainable Cities, Responsible Consumption, and Partnerships

Quality Education

Equal access to quality education for all, including digital literacy, is essential for sustainable development.

Gender Equality

Equal opportunities and empowerment for all genders online and offline, challenging gender stereotypes and advocating for inclusive digital spaces.

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Industry Innovation And Infrastructure

Promotion of sustainable industries, fostering innovation, and enhancing infrastructure, including affordable and universal access to the internet, to supporting economic growth and digital inclusion.

Tools And Resources

Welcome to our Tools and Resources page dedicated to promoting digital citizenship and online safety. Here, you will find a curated collection of tools and resources to help you navigate the digital world responsibly and protect yourself online. Explore our curated collection of valuable resources:

A kids Digital Citizenship Guidebook by Mankaba Matela

This is where kids learn about the practice of good digital citizenship and maintaining a positive digital presence.

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Parental Control Software

"FamilyShield": A free, user-friendly parental control tool that allows you to filter and block inappropriate content, set time limits, and monitor your child's online activities.

Cyberbullying Prevention Resources

"Cyberbullying Research Center": An extensive resource center offering research-based strategies, articles, and publications to combat cyberbullying.


Application for membership is open to any global citizen, student and community member that supports the organization and membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual dues.

2 Step Application Process for Minors: 1. Fill in the Application form, 2. Fill in and email the downloaded Word format Consent Form

  • Members are required to be between 6-12 years old to qualify for this membership and each child member must receive consent from their Guardians/parents upon requisition for membership.
  • Members are required to be between 13-17 years old to qualify for this membership and each child member must receive consent from their Guardians/parents upon requisition for membership.
  • Members are required to be 18 years old and above to qualify for this membership.

Events/ Workshops

Past Events and Workshops

We have successfully conducted a range of impactful events and workshops aimed at promoting digital citizenship. Here are some highlights of our recent endeavors:

  • Awareness Campaign Workshops: We have organized engaging awareness campaign workshops at several local schools. These workshops focused on educating students about the importance of digital citizenship, covering topics such as online safety, cybersecurity, and responsible online behavior.

  • ESL Introduction Online Workshops: We provide a platform for aspiring English teachers to learn about ESL teaching methodologies, lesson planning, language assessment, and effective classroom management in order to teach English to non-native speakers as a way for individuals to be productive online using technology. And these workshops are conducted monthly online via Zoom platform.

  • Youtube Livestream Shows on Digital Citizenship and cultural exchange: We co-host a Youtube livestream show with a Japanese musician, Mari Momose, discussing various topics such digital citizenship issues, music, cultural exchange, and our work in Lesotho. We will continue these monthly interviews throughout 2024 to delve deeper into digital citizenship and cultural exchange between Lesotho and Japan.

  • We host a cyberbullying 10-series podcast discussing cyberbullying, airing weekly on Spotify throughout 2023, aiming to explore the topic in-depth and raise awareness about its impact Together, we can foster a safer and more responsible online environment. Link to podcast:

Contact Us

+266 51952633


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